It’s all you.

We all have different sides to us. As we move through life, we seem to do what is possible to show just our brilliant sides. We try to be kind, generous, interesting, fun, caring, loving, helpful, balanced and reliable.

But what happens to the other side of us that we have completely disowned? That side that is angry, hurt, mean, spiteful, moody, depressed, insular, anxious and the other qualities we do not dare express?

That is still us. While we try to move further away from those parts of us, they remain there, stewing in our shadow.

That is until it all explodes when our guard is down, when we get hurt or when we simply become tired of carrying such a heavy load.

Getting to know that other side of you is the key to becoming the true YOU. Bringing your dark side out of the shadow by exploring the contents safely with your therapist will allow you come to terms with how you became who you are. You will slowly become aware of your true nature and teach yourself to make different choices that will influence your life and the people around you.

Your kind, confident and wonderful side as well as your dark, moody and unpleasant side are both still you.

You can be YOU without needing to be only half you. You can live your life, embracing all parts of you and giving yourself the chance to live life to the fullest.

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