Self-care or self-Neglect?

Check your self-neglect

We talk so much about self-care. We exercise, practice mindfulness, stay away from toxicity… But there are so many other ways we neglect ourselves, even though we wouldn’t let this happen to our loved ones.

Examples include:

  • Wearing the same old wrecked trainers even though we have other new and appropriate ones
  • Wearing old, worn, torn underwear and ‘lounging’ clothes when we have lovely, nice looking, comfortable ones we can wear
  • Not taking pain relievers when in pain, electing to suffer instead – ‘it will pass’
  • Saving nice perfume to ‘special’ times
  • Not going for health checks, dentist appointments and opticians when needed
  • Eating unhealthy food and ready meals despite cooking healthy meals for the family
  • Sitting in a cold house even though you can afford to turn the heating up…

Self-care involves caring for ourselves in the real sense of the word. It includes not ignoring ourselves and doing something about the little aches and pains we experience. It includes sleep, nutrition, fun, satisfaction.

What are the things we would do for those we love?

Why aren’t we doing those things for ourselves?

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